About Us

WELCOME to All Nations Church, London.

A happy church. A friendly church where you can be yourself and soon feel at home. An international church – about 40 different nations. Catch the variety, flavour and vibrancy of heaven’s worship… and have a preview of heaven’s colour scheme!

A church that means business for God, and never forgets we were bought with a price. A church that engages seriously with God’s word … and His world.

A church thats trying to become a ‘house of prayer for the nations’.

Not a perfect church, but one that’s warm, welcoming and so far has never turned anyone away!

Children seem to enjoy coming, so do teen agers and young adults. The ‘golden oldies’ feel at home so do local activists, and fashion designers, and football fans and students and single mums and mechanics and those looking for jobs, and business men. We’re sure you’ll fit in some where as well!