Worship & Prayer

The Worship and Prayer team encompass the passion of All Nations to connect with God through prayer and worship. We believe that worship to God is a lifestyle and not just what happens on a Sunday morning or in a prayer meeting. 

Our vision is to enhance the prayer and worship life, both corporately and individually which is vital for any believer, as these are two key ingredients in developing deeper relationships between God, us (the church) and the wider community.

A lifestyle of worship encompasses our everyday living. This is the main way to worship God. We also have tools to worshipping God and these include prayer and the triplicity of worship - song, playing of instruments and dance.

We aim to develop how we worship as a church through:

  • Growing in Christ - encouraging spiritual growth through effective prayer
  • Sharing Christ - life of a true worshipper should attract people to Christ (evangelism) and through effective corporate worship
  • Knowing Christ - understanding and encouraging the importance of taking time out with God
  • Encouraging gifts and talents - identifying and encouraging spiritual gifts 
  • Promoting an abundant life - dealing (through prayer) with local/world issues and for the well-being of the body of Christ (the church)

Our worship team meet once a week to rehearse and prepare for Sunday services, as well as other church events. If you believe you have a heart for worshipping God through your voice or instrument why not speak to the worship team director, Karl Williams to discuss joining the team.

Prayer meetings are held monthly to encourage continual focussed corporate prayer. While it is also a central inclusion of all events with smaller groups arranged for specific prayer needs. Each team member has a heart for passionate prayer. To join the prayer team contact the prayer team coordinator.